My work often pairs tactile and organic forms with elongated extensions and structures. I am attracted to examples of this in our environment where the natural and the manmade interact. This is also evident in my choices of colours and materials. Coral blues, greens and pinks contrast with concrete greys, sandy yellows and rusty wires. As I look for material contrasts and possible points of tension, the work often starts to feel like it has a personality.

My work is influenced by growing up between two radically different environments. First, the rural setting of wooden temples, mountains and rice fields in Kagawa, Japan, where I lived until age 11; second, the post-industrial brick-box assortment of East London where I am now based.

Turps Art School, Studio Painting Programme, 2018
The Royal Drawing School: The Drawing Year, 2008
Falmouth College of Arts: BA Fine Art, 2005
Nagoya University of Art: 3 month exchange, 2003