Making Cities: Workshop at The White Moose Gallery

I travelled down to Devon to deliver a workshop and talk at the White Moose Gallery as part of The Griffin Art Prize exhibition.

White Moose Gallery City Drawing 2

8 Students from Goodleigh Primary School took on the challenge to build a city to then draw from it in two hours. They used their imagination to create buildings out of cardboard, empty containers and paper to then be put together to create a larger installation. They then used viewfinders to identify the composition they wanted to draw. They used charcoal and pencil and started to suggest areas of light and dark in their work.

White Moose Gallery City Drawing 4  White Moose Gallery City Drawing 5  White Moose Gallery City Drawing 6

It was brilliant to have the opportunity to work with local students, engage them in the exhibition and show them a new approach to creating a drawing. The students did their own write up ontheir blog:

In conversation
We covered a wide variety of subjects in the evening from the process involved in creating my drawings to whether the languages you speak can change the way you view and describe the world. The conversation was led around these different topics by White Moose Gallery partner Julie Gavin and the audience. I truly enjoyed the experience.

I have three pieces on display at White Moose Gallery until 29th March